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Explosion Proof Pressure Washers

This offshore pressure washer goes anywhere and delivers a maximum of 5.1 gallons per minute at 5000 PSI. It features a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame,

Cold water pressure washers are ideal for grounds maintenance, cleaning vehicles, plant facilities, sidewalks and conveyors. Explosion proof cold water.

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Sioux Cold Water Pressure Washers are great for jobs. Explosion-proof models are designed for use in Class I, Division 1 and 2, Group C and D hazardous.

Ryobi 1600 Psi Pressure Washer The RYOBI 1600 PSI Pressure Washer is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move to various locations around the house and job site. With

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Discover Alkota cold water explosion-proof drive series industrial pressure washers.

Electric pressure washers are more energy efficient and less maintenance. We offer single phase and 3 phase units. TEFC or explosion proof motors are.

Emergency smoke exhaust systems are designed to remove smoke and heat from buildings in the event of a fire. These systems play a crucial role in increasing occupant safety and allowing rescue personnel to safely enter burning buildings.

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You can mount a pressure washer on the back of a pickup truck or trailer, along with a. plants and refineries in the form of explosion proof pressure washers.

For environments where it's mandatory to be explosion proof, ACME offers pressure washers, foam applicators and hydrostatic equipment that can handle the.

Feb 1, 2011. PSC Explosion-Proof high pressure washers are exceptionally well-engineered systems, CSA inspected and certified for use in Class 1,

On March 31, when workers used a petrol-fuelled pressure washer to clean an empty tanker truck in one. any accident involving gas or liquid release or fire or explosion may paralyse activity in the.

Drum Washer Cleaning System Model DW55-ITR. The drum washer system model DW55-ITR is designed to wash and rinse the interior of drums and pails sized up to 55 gallons using water, detergent, solvent or hot water.

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KENERGY'S line of pressure washers can be custom built to suit your specific needs. Picture. Electric Operated Pressure Washer (Explosion Proof).

EBARA-EVM – VERTICAL MULTI-STAGE STAINLESS STEEL PUMPS. APPLICATIONS • Civil, Industrial, farming, fire-fighting, boosting systems • Water treatment plants (reverse osmosis, filtrations) •.

4,000 PSI Trailer Mount Hot Water Pressure Washer. SPECIFICATIONS. Tiger Industrial Rentals Pressure Washers. Trailer Mount Dimensions – 9'L x 8'W x 6'H

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The Super Flow is our standard electric pressure washer unit. The EXP is our explosion-proof electric pressure washer unit. The Deluxe diesel pressure washer.

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Item # BIGFOOT V E, Cold Pressure Washer – Electric Motor. Explosion proof design; Extra length pressure hose; Special length wands; 3 Phase electrical.

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Apr 18, 2016. Sioux Corporation Improves All-Electric Pressure Washer Sioux's explosion-proof pressure washers and steam cleaners are now approved for.

Your source for Explosion Proof Pressure Washers. These Explosion Proof Pressure Washers are used in industry, aboard off-shore oil rigs or anywhere else.

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We offer a full line of explosion proof, corrosion resistant framed pressure washers. Let us know your needs, and we'll exceed your expectations. | Houston.

The SafeSteam™ lets you use your plant’s internal steam as a powerful steam cleaning tool! If your plant has 80-150 PSI (5.5 -10.3 BAR) steam, here is an innovative way.

Explosion proof pressure washers are designed for use in hazardous environments, where safety is a critical element. Cleaning of facilities that deal with.


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PSC Clean manufacture's high-performance custom built Industrial Pressure Washers, VFD Pressure washers, Explosion proof washers, Industrial Electrically.